Professional Staff Miriam

Professional Staff Miriam

Professional Staff Miriam


Miriam has over 15 years experience in the Beauty Industry. She trained in Australia after having worked in corporate but realised her passion was always beauty and decided to leave the corporate world.

After undergoing extensive training she started to follow her dreams and began working in the industry. Miriam loves everything in beauty but her passion is “The Skin”, understanding how it works from the inside out. Miriam loves using active ingredients and how it can change the skin from within in such a positive way.

“Seeing results with clients is what excites and motivates her and makes her eager to learn more, enabling her to give her clients the best treatment and best results”. Working along side a client, gaining their trust, changing their skin whether its a problematic skin or they are looking for rejuvenation…or they just want that special glow for their big day is what motivates her as a therapist…To have a clients trust and building a professional relationship is not something she takes lightly..

I take this Industry very serious and I feel this is portrayed in each and every service that i perform.


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